A special guest!

Today (March 31st 2012) we had a surprise guest, Mr. Jim Graves! Mr. Graves is a technical trainer for Meridium, and an american visiting Kenya for the first time. (He also happens to be the father of one of the Kibera Informentors co-founding members, Betsy L. Graves.)

Mr. Graves spoke to the class 7 & 8 students at Adventure Primary school about his work experiences in the United States and abroad. In particular, he emphasized the importance of having passion and pursuing the career of your choice. He also discussed the value of gaining work experience in dynamic ways, and how “working for free” (volunteering, interning, etc) can actually pay off in the long run and give students a avluable opportunity to develop professional skills. Lastly, he encouraged the students to use the technological resources around them, particularly in terms of computers, mobile devices, and the internet, which allows people to access information and connect with others in a new and dynamic way that did not always exist for students and job-seekers alike.

Mr. Graves also answered questions about his work experiences in various fields, about life in the United States, and technology in general; the students at the primary school also had an opportunity to help him learn a few words of conversational swahili (“mwalimu”, “asante”, etc). All in all, it was an exciting day and a memorable lesson about one of the most important things in life — to live with passion!

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