Focus on Journalism

Today(March 3rd 2012) we held a KI session at St. John II Secondary School and were honored to have Ms. Patience Nyenge as our guest speaker!

Patience is a journalist, and has many years of experience in both print and broadcast journalism. She brought a great deal of energy and experience to the presentation, and encouraged students to pursue the career paths for which they held passion and interest. She also noted that where you grow up doesn’t have to define you, and that particularly kids from Kibera have a lot to offer both to Kenya and the rest of the world. In fact, the point was raised that sometimes not many other people know much about the experience of day-to-day life in Kibera, and so it was pointed out that this is one area where students could use their life experiences to help inform others and share details about the “good” things about Kibera. Patience gave a fantastic presentation, and also answered questions about journalism, what it was like to be a female journalist, and what students could do in order to gain experience with reporting or become a journalist.

We were also excited to have Patience’s friend from Norway, Lisa, join us for the presentation! Lisa has spent time in Kenya before and had a fantastic perspective to offer, and we were glad to have her with us for the session. The kids were also excited to meet visitors from another country; overall, it was a great session!

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