Introductions at Adventure School

Today (February 4th 2012) we visited a primary school known as “Adventure School”, which is located in the heart of the Makina district in Kibera Slums. Some of our Kibera Informentors (KI) team members have previously volunteered/taught at the school before, so the kids seemed excited to see some familiar faces.

This time we met with about 30-40 students from classes 7 & 8, and had a rousing discussion on leadership, organizational skills, and the meaning of mentorship. When we asked them the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, we were amazed by the range of responses! Some of the typical professions came up — doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, etc — but also students mentioned journalist/reporter, politician, pilot, professional athlete, musician, etc. We also discussed the various qualities and types of leadership, and the kids did a great job of sharing their ideas on the topic. Definitely a promising first session at this school!

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