Journalism Club

Journalism Club

Journalism Club

Patience Nyange  a broadcast mentor with BBC, Nairobi Kenya,with the journalism club members on our Sunday session. We usually have sundays preserved for these girls to learn more on journalism skills. They had an opportunity to learn on this day the following: -what happens behind the scenes when anchoring news. -communication skills. How to pronounce words well. -How to give a the best report. -How to do documentation of the report. from having the raw reports to the final documentation. The editors are supposed to make sure that they are precise and straight to the point.

The girls had many questions for her. They were so curious and asking questions about what effort they should put so as to be journalists. We nurture these kids so that they are able to present on a weekly session in assemblys at their school. They get five minutes to read a report at the assembly ground in the morning hours. This is done every friday and therefore they need mentorship for them to give the best presentation. We are happy at the way things are and would like to have more journalists to come and give more exposure to these young aspiring journalists from the slums of Kibera. Thank you.


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