Kibera Children’s Choir


Kibera Children's Choir

Kibera children’s choir is a program that started under Kibera Informentors Foundation. It started on September 17th 2012. The choir started so as to bring together the voices of children living in the slums of Kibera and bring joy and happiness to their faces. Children in the slums face so many challenges such that good music would be medicine to their young souls. Personally, I have always loved music, and it has always been the songs that I sing each day that gives me hope for a brighter future. Good music has been the rhythm that I dance to. Our joy is, when we look in the eyes of these little angels while they are dancing with vigor and singing with passion from the bottom of their hearts and they feel so happy.

WHAT WE DO We mainly go round to different schools around Kibera and have a one on one interview with the young children. We choose those between the age of seven to ten, and love singing. In a school we choose five children. The children that we choose are currently living with families or relatives here in Kibera. They are all from different backgrounds, some are living with both parents who are earning less than a dollar a day, and others are orphaned and live with relatives or grandparents. We try and bring them all together so that, they realize their talents and know that they are all equal in the eyes of God.

1. Our Goals Combining passion and talent to create tomorrow’s stars Nurture un-tapped talents 2. Our Purpose To connect the voices of children living in the slums. 3. Our Objectives To train all round children that can be able to stand on their own in the future. To raise God fearing Children To build the confidence of these children.

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