The main speaker was Eunice Achieng an alumni of KCA UNIVERSITY who was assisted by Elisha Mwango a third year student at KENYATTA UNIVERSITY. Eunice Achieng taught that, • Those who had talents, whichever it was e.g. singing should not hesitate pursuing it because singing took her places. • She told the pupils to appreciate and utilize the little resources they had and use it to get what they want. • She said that they should not discourage others and not allow anyone discourage and hinder them from their set objectives in life. • With or without the resources one could achieve and make it in life

Eunice Achieng mentoring the pupils at Stara Rescue Centre When Elisha Mwango started teaching He brain stormed the pupils mind by asking the pupils the reasons as to why they were in school The students said that they were in school to, I. Learn II. Be educated III. To have a better future IV. Acquire skills V. Stop idleness  He reminded the pupils that the way to success was entirely laid on hard work and discipline  He said that nothing was difficult to achieve because everything depends on attitude and mind setting. One has to have positive mind and attitude  He said that one had to know their weak areas and try as hard as they could to improve on them  He told the children that failure to plan was planning to fail and advised them to make daily timetable and try as hard as they could to stick to them  Guidance and counselling teacher and fellow pupils were the persons who could help the pupils whenever they had personal problems  He told them that in everything a person does he or she had to put God the almighty first  A good pupil should choose good friends who they would benefit from them and improve academically  He said that hard work was accompanied by smart studies  Elisha gave the pupils the best formula to study i.e. RERUTA which means Read Reread Understand and  finally Answer

Elisha Mwango  answering to a question from a pupil at Stara Rescue Centre When question was asked Wycliffe Ragot answered that for a student not to panic during examination.

Wycliffe Ragot answering to a question from a pupil.  He or she had to discover the areas of weakness  A good pupil had to read ahead of the teacher  A class had to form discussion groups consisting of 2 to 3 pupils  One had to have passion on whatever they do  And more so one had to set objectives in life

Kibera Informentors Team and some pupils pose for a photo after the session

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