Little did i know that on this planned beautiful Thursday September 19th i would be disappointed by the guest speaker that i had invited and known all week to come was going to be fixed somewhere else. She had been the perfect choice for this occasion i so thought, as STARAYS high school waited with baited breath for our first appearance and presentation. I immediately thought of Nelson, he had never mentored before and i thought it would be the best time fro hi to do this. I called him up to save the day since the other lady was not going to come. As an organization we had so much concentrated on bringing in proffessionals from outside that we alsmost forgot about the young mentors volunteering at KIF.

With a nervous but caragious Nelson he walked to the podium after my introduction and for the first time started his presentation. He smiled at the form four students who apparently looked older than him and greeted them. I had given him a wide but specific topic to tackle to these candidates who needed something from the ususal. ‘WHAT TO DO BEFORE EXAMS’ was  the topic of the day. Guidelines on how to tackle this had been given and he was to tackle:

1. Small introduction 2. The secret  of his success 3. personal use of resources 4. Discipline 5. How to read for exams 6. Dealing with previous failures

These were points enough for Nelson to tackle very wella nd discuss   with the students of Starays. Nelson gave a smile each time he started talking, tackling all the points so well and fifteen minutes down the line he had indulged the students in the discussion and forty five minutes down the session there was already a debate among the students on the best technique of revising for exams two days before the exam date. Nelson handled this very well as he gave many examples on revision, these options gave the students a reason to keep silent since all their techniques were met and conclusion was that ‘what you find best for you, does not always works best for another,  the best way is , when you realize what works best for you, you work with it’

One hour later, i was a proud person, having seen Nelson take control of the session on his first attempt was amazing. I am sure he made an impact to the students at this school. This makes me realize that, K.I.F molds aspiring public speakers to be more confident and eloquent in their presentation skills.


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