The happiness can be portrayed on the face of this young student as she recieves a book from one of our visitors.

Today we woke up with the happiness of getting into SILOAM secondary and teach the students pretty much about communication and networking. This had been a topic that we had so much prepared and wished to share with the students. As we prepared for this day, little did we know that we would have a visit on short notice from our friends from Growth hub. We therefore  got even lucky as  five friends who are Business students and are doing their masters degree came to visit with us . This had been a special day at the school because, after the communication session that was filled with wise questions from the students and answers from the knowledgeable panel of visitors, they were given a pen and notebook. This was a symbol of motivation from our visitors  as they appreciated the students enthusiasm for information from abroad, they were really happy to have time and interact and share about their different cultures.

We thank, Jeff, Rick, Michelle, Marie and Victoria for taknig their time off and visiting Siloam  secondary on a chilly saturday morning alongside the informentors mentors who are always passionate about mentoring.


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