This is the first day that we went into Raila Education Centre, here we invited a speaker to talk to the students.  Sally Nandwa is a continuing student of architect at Bifa University and is also working with an interior design company. She enjoys drawing and has a passion for good houses. There is always a criticism on the houses that she passes around Nairobi and says that the first house that she will get to build will be the best. Sally enjoys mentoring young people so that they can understand the importance of education in their lives and would like to encourage young girls realise that courses like architecture are not only for the gentlemen.

Sally on this day talked about talent identification and these are some of the issues that she touched:

1. One should choose a career in relation to their passion.  This will be very easy for an individual to enjoy what they are doing. They will not get bored to do the daily routine of the job that they are doing.

2. One should not choose a career due to the pay. There are days when the pay will not satisfy their desire of doing the work every day. In order for one to find happiness in what they are doing, they should enjoy.

3. Individuals should identify  their talents before they choose on their career

4. One should get a mentor who is in the same career that they want to pursue, this will help with being guided on the way forward on pursuing this career.

Questions that were asked during this session were answered by the speaker, they were as follows:

1. Should an individual choose a career that does not go hand in hand with their talents- one should do what they are passionate about and not look at things in the basis of money. 2. What if an individual is not sure of what they want to do? If an individual is torn between different careers- one should look in the job market at the moment One should also focus on what they are really good at.



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