TOPIC 1: HEALTH Today’s theme was on Health Eunice was the main speaker; she introduced the students of form two and three on the importance of good personal hygiene. She talked on different body parts that are of importance when taken care of. She said that health was a physical, mental and psychological state where someone is at peace with themselves, where an individual doesn’t   feel pain in any part of their bodies, this is considered healthy as a healthy person. 1. Girls personal hygiene This is the state of being clean to avoid smelling of the body hence offending others, trying to keep one’s reputation and preventing them from infectious diseases Some of the of the ways in which an individual could keep their bodies clean was by

I).Showering daily

ii).Application of deodorants

iii).Brushing of the teeth at least once and closing ones mouth while sneezing

Special Consideration Eunice reminded the students that some consideration were to made while on their menstrual periods ,which she advised that the students who experienced heavy menstrual bleeding were to change their pads at least three times a day. This would avoid overflow of blood thereafter staining of the clothes.Cleanliness of the face. When you are done with days activities, wash your face with warm water.Cleanliness of the breast. If you have big breasts that sags, she suggested that it was a good idea to lift them up during washing so that there could be no sweat that could make it possible for accumulation of dirt  that could lead to infection of diseases.  Washing or shaving of the armpits. She taught the students that it was of essence to make the armpits shaved and washed thoroughly. Shaving will avoid the smelling of the armpits and avoid people from avoiding an individual.Shaving of the pubic area. Eunice advised the students that they ought to shave the pubic area at least once a month to avoid smelling of the private part brought about by a lot of sweating especially when the hair grows longer.Cleanliness of the Hair. She advised the students to wash their hair at least once a week .This is because the hair needs to breath. Oil that is applied on the head prevents the hair from breathing.

Benefits of Good Personal Hygiene Girls are delicate thus they needed good maintenance of the genital parts. This will avoid the transmission of communicable diseases like bladder infections and vaginal problems. Through research Dr. Nelson, warns that improper wash of the eye could cause various eye infections Cleanliness also promotes good interpersonal relationship with the people around us Being clean also makes a good impression on others in a woman’s personal relationship and professional relationships.

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