Faith indara(middle) takes a pose after mentorship



Faith indara is not new to our faces, as she has always yearned to be part of the mentorship sessions. Having learned so much from the talks that she was given in school, she is giving back to the society in the same way.

The last time indara talked in our forums she was a student pursuing a degree in Business commerce. As we talk now, she is a business woman with an entertainment business. She has a lot of work that she is doing and working with different people to realize their passion and talents for singing.

Faith Indara, being a young musician and an example to the young musicians that she helps realize their talents is making it big in the events organizing industry where her specialty lies.She is an event organizer and will make the best out of a simple event. She specializes in all events from, weddings, graduation, baby shower, homecoming, house warming and many others. She will decorate and make the event glamorous.

On this day, as she spoke to the young men of JOHN PAUL II secondary school, she talked to them about the different opportunities that the world has. She highlighted the following:

Opportunities- She talked about understanding oneself as a man. The world has lots of opportunities as long as one is ready to maximize all that comes their way.

There is no tolerance of lazy people in the world today, unless one wants to be a failure. G

Responsibilities- There are going to be numerous responsibilities as a man in the future. These responsibilities the world will expect you to tackle no matter what, and if you ran away from them,  then you are deemed as a failure. The most important thing to do is work hard, extra hard to get to the point where responsibilities will not be too much to handle

Consequences-There are consequences to every bad act that you do. Make sure that obedience is  a virtue that you instill in yourself so that you can be successful.


During this session we only talked to the boys since they wanted a chance to be listened to. On many occasions, we spend so much of time talking to the girl child ignoring the fact that boys also need an opportunity to be heard and talked to. They had so many questions written to indara and the team that came. We were able to answer most of the questions.

Teaching these young men to be responsible men in the future and in their young lives was the topic of the day. They don’t have people to talk to and end up messing a lot. Our happiness on this day, was to see these students happy and satisfied at the answers that we gave them.


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