Carlos Miranda Levy is a very popular TEDx Speaker around the world.. From Dominican Republic, to Tokyo, to Canada to Istanbul. He is an experienced internet and social entrepreneur who is now devoting his time to empowering disadvantaged communities through technology. His Market of Hope initiative, provides a global market for products made by local people from disaster ridden areas.

Carlos was in Kenya, not for another of his TEDx talks but on a mentorship session in SILOAM academy, which is one of the schools that we bring influential individuals to mentor the young generation. It is indeed humbling to have such a figure in our midist. We feel so honorable to have him spare his time and came to talk with the students at this school.

In this dark room was a whole multitude of people from three different schools who came to listen to Carlos. This dark room hosted 150students and 20 teachers who came to listen to the wise words of Carlos.



His message started with a very shocking statement of, ‘I don’t believe in helping people’

His massage on this occasion was ways in which we can eradicate poverty in our country. Carlos believes in never helping, but always Engage, Enable and Empower people.These are the major ways in which we can eradicate poverty.

It is about being innovative, working as a team and understanding our environment very well. Being innovative is not something very new. It is the way we think everyday about different things. It is coming up with a better solution for things that are at our disposal. Innovation does not have to be new, it is how well we improve the things that are in existence that make people look at your idea as something new.

This can be done by eradicating lazy culture. Our laziness can cost a lot of pain to the future generation, as they also adopt to that knid of lifestyle that leads to poverty. We need to be awake and make use of every opportunities awarded to us.

Carlos talked at length about, engaging which is coming together as a group and gathering information that can make the best out of an innovative idea that will later on become practical.

Empowering, which means to give power to people. Making them understand that they can. By teaching them the best ways in which they can sustain themselves. By giving them the best advice on how they can maneuver around an idea.

On this occasion he gave a challenge to all the students in attendance, of coming up with different ideas in which they could be seen to be as innovative. He gave the singers an opportunity to come up with a song, dancers, writers, story tellers, poets, artists and many other ideas and a competition would be held for the best group to make collaboration on a world wide platform that would include the young generation from Haiti and Dominican republic.


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