Mentoring Programme

To have a well networked society
Company Overview
Kibera Informentors Foundation is a non- profit organization formed and run by young professionals from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
The goal of the organization is to provide career “mentoring for prosperity” that can help the children and youth from the Kibera community develop their skills, talents, and understanding of different career fields.
Kibera is one of the largest slums in the …world, and as a result, its residents face many kinds of challenges. This is particularly the case for school-age children, who often lack access to proper education facilities, relevant career information, and mentorship opportunities.
In order to address these issues, the Kibera Informentors Foundation Program hosts mentorship sessions with local primary and secondary schools located throughout Kibera slums.  Most sessions are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and include presentations from Guest Speakers.
Through encouraging students to pursue their various career ambitions and providing a positive mentorship experience, Kibera Informentors Foundation strives to support the youth of Kibera and the slum community as a whole.
KIBERA INFORMENTORS FOUNDATION is a non- profit organization formed and run by the like mind… Kibera slum, Nairobi. The organization aims at tapping and consolidating skills and talents existing among the children and youths in the community for the common benefit of the slum dwellers.
Kibera is the largest slum in the world and as a result the residents face enormous challenges especially, the school going children. Who lack positive information and mentorship programmes As young people born and raised in Kibera slums, we saw the need of coming up with a community organization to address some of the issues faced by children and the community at large. We decided to come up with Kibera informentors Foundation, to address some of these issues. We also felt the need to join hands as youths to offer some of our services at our disposal to a greater community.
We also believe that lack of basic and proper Education is also a contributing factor that leads to poverty, K.I.F wants to be the Home an a central place to equip the youths and children that have been neglected by the priority.
1. Child and youth’s empowerment through education and talent promotion.
2. Empower youths with appropriate knowledge and giving them a platform to
have role models and show case what they have.
3. Environmental programs.
1. Offering mentor ship programs in schools in kibera-This is to help them identify who they are and what they want to achieve in their lives.. -Giving them the exposure/platform to expose their talents so that they can realize their potential.
2. Sanitation
-Involving the community in clean ups -Creating awareness of the importance of sanitation in the community
3. Kids/Youth Education -Giving them the know how on their related field. -Talent promotion-by giving them a chance to show case talents through organizing sporting/cultural events. -letting them realize their talents by involving them in activities. -Advising them through knowing their role models.
a. Empowerment
b. Leadership
c. Life skills
d. Community serviceKIBERA INFORMENTORS FOUNDATION is like a seed -A seed well planted, watered, nurtured and given all the necessarily support successfully grows into a healthy plant-one that reaches high and stands tall.

General Information
To bridge the gap between the informed and uninformed in the the community.

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