TOPIC 1: HEALTH Today’s theme was on Health Eunice was the main speaker; she introduced the students of form two and three on the importance of good personal hygiene. She talked on different body parts that are of importance when taken care of. She said that health was a physical, mental and psychological state where someone is at peace with themselves, where an individual doesn’t   feel pain in any part of their bodies, this is considered healthy as a healthy person. 1. Girls personal hygiene This is the state of being clean to avoid smelling of the body hence offending others, trying to keep one’s reputation and preventing them from infectious diseases Some of the of the ways in which an individual could keep their bodies clean was by

I).Showering daily

ii).Application of deodorants

iii).Brushing of the teeth at least once and closing ones mouth while sneezing

Special Consideration Eunice reminded the students that some consideration were to made while on their menstrual periods ,which she advised that the students who experienced heavy menstrual bleeding were to change their pads at least three times a day. This would avoid overflow of blood thereafter staining of the clothes.Cleanliness of the face. When you are done with days activities, wash your face with warm water.Cleanliness of the breast. If you have big breasts that sags, she suggested that it was a good idea to lift them up during washing so that there could be no sweat that could make it possible for accumulation of dirt  that could lead to infection of diseases.  Washing or shaving of the armpits. She taught the students that it was of essence to make the armpits shaved and washed thoroughly. Shaving will avoid the smelling of the armpits and avoid people from avoiding an individual.Shaving of the pubic area. Eunice advised the students that they ought to shave the pubic area at least once a month to avoid smelling of the private part brought about by a lot of sweating especially when the hair grows longer.Cleanliness of the Hair. She advised the students to wash their hair at least once a week .This is because the hair needs to breath. Oil that is applied on the head prevents the hair from breathing.

Benefits of Good Personal Hygiene Girls are delicate thus they needed good maintenance of the genital parts. This will avoid the transmission of communicable diseases like bladder infections and vaginal problems. Through research Dr. Nelson, warns that improper wash of the eye could cause various eye infections Cleanliness also promotes good interpersonal relationship with the people around us Being clean also makes a good impression on others in a woman’s personal relationship and professional relationships.


Kibera Children’s Choir


Kibera Children's Choir

Kibera children’s choir is a program that started under Kibera Informentors Foundation. It started on September 17th 2012. The choir started so as to bring together the voices of children living in the slums of Kibera and bring joy and happiness to their faces. Children in the slums face so many challenges such that good music would be medicine to their young souls. Personally, I have always loved music, and it has always been the songs that I sing each day that gives me hope for a brighter future. Good music has been the rhythm that I dance to. Our joy is, when we look in the eyes of these little angels while they are dancing with vigor and singing with passion from the bottom of their hearts and they feel so happy.

WHAT WE DO We mainly go round to different schools around Kibera and have a one on one interview with the young children. We choose those between the age of seven to ten, and love singing. In a school we choose five children. The children that we choose are currently living with families or relatives here in Kibera. They are all from different backgrounds, some are living with both parents who are earning less than a dollar a day, and others are orphaned and live with relatives or grandparents. We try and bring them all together so that, they realize their talents and know that they are all equal in the eyes of God.

1. Our Goals Combining passion and talent to create tomorrow’s stars Nurture un-tapped talents 2. Our Purpose To connect the voices of children living in the slums. 3. Our Objectives To train all round children that can be able to stand on their own in the future. To raise God fearing Children To build the confidence of these children.

The Kibera Dream, Project


The Kibera Dream, Project

Our idea is to educate these youths with fundamental business concepts. Following this, we will run a competition where the youths will be encouraged to submit a business plan. We will help them throughout the whole process: from idea conception and development, to business-plan formulation. We will then choose the most promising candidates with the most promising ideas to be rewarded with the capital required to start their ventures, whilst continuing to work with the remaining candidates to further develop their ideas. Our aim is to help start-up ten sustainable businesses and empower 250 youths by the end of next year.

This is one of our Member Eunice,Teaching Communication skills to the young Leaders at Elite Visionary High School.


The main speaker was Eunice Achieng an alumni of KCA UNIVERSITY who was assisted by Elisha Mwango a third year student at KENYATTA UNIVERSITY. Eunice Achieng taught that, • Those who had talents, whichever it was e.g. singing should not hesitate pursuing it because singing took her places. • She told the pupils to appreciate and utilize the little resources they had and use it to get what they want. • She said that they should not discourage others and not allow anyone discourage and hinder them from their set objectives in life. • With or without the resources one could achieve and make it in life

Eunice Achieng mentoring the pupils at Stara Rescue Centre When Elisha Mwango started teaching He brain stormed the pupils mind by asking the pupils the reasons as to why they were in school The students said that they were in school to, I. Learn II. Be educated III. To have a better future IV. Acquire skills V. Stop idleness  He reminded the pupils that the way to success was entirely laid on hard work and discipline  He said that nothing was difficult to achieve because everything depends on attitude and mind setting. One has to have positive mind and attitude  He said that one had to know their weak areas and try as hard as they could to improve on them  He told the children that failure to plan was planning to fail and advised them to make daily timetable and try as hard as they could to stick to them  Guidance and counselling teacher and fellow pupils were the persons who could help the pupils whenever they had personal problems  He told them that in everything a person does he or she had to put God the almighty first  A good pupil should choose good friends who they would benefit from them and improve academically  He said that hard work was accompanied by smart studies  Elisha gave the pupils the best formula to study i.e. RERUTA which means Read Reread Understand and  finally Answer

Elisha Mwango  answering to a question from a pupil at Stara Rescue Centre When question was asked Wycliffe Ragot answered that for a student not to panic during examination.

Wycliffe Ragot answering to a question from a pupil.  He or she had to discover the areas of weakness  A good pupil had to read ahead of the teacher  A class had to form discussion groups consisting of 2 to 3 pupils  One had to have passion on whatever they do  And more so one had to set objectives in life

Kibera Informentors Team and some pupils pose for a photo after the session

A special guest!

Today (March 31st 2012) we had a surprise guest, Mr. Jim Graves! Mr. Graves is a technical trainer for Meridium, and an american visiting Kenya for the first time. (He also happens to be the father of one of the Kibera Informentors co-founding members, Betsy L. Graves.)

Mr. Graves spoke to the class 7 & 8 students at Adventure Primary school about his work experiences in the United States and abroad. In particular, he emphasized the importance of having passion and pursuing the career of your choice. He also discussed the value of gaining work experience in dynamic ways, and how “working for free” (volunteering, interning, etc) can actually pay off in the long run and give students a avluable opportunity to develop professional skills. Lastly, he encouraged the students to use the technological resources around them, particularly in terms of computers, mobile devices, and the internet, which allows people to access information and connect with others in a new and dynamic way that did not always exist for students and job-seekers alike.

Mr. Graves also answered questions about his work experiences in various fields, about life in the United States, and technology in general; the students at the primary school also had an opportunity to help him learn a few words of conversational swahili (“mwalimu”, “asante”, etc). All in all, it was an exciting day and a memorable lesson about one of the most important things in life — to live with passion!

Engineering Enlightenment

Today (March 24th 2012) we visited Adventure Primary School and were honoured to have Fiona as our guest speaker! Fiona is an engineer with East African Breweries Ltd., and she had a fantastic presentation to offer to the class 7 & 8 students at Adventure Primary. In particular, she shared her experiences of what it was like to be an engineer (particularly as a woman), and what it had been like for her as a student when she was preparing for her career. She also discussed ways that students can prepare for a career in engineering, and encouraged them to do well in their studies so that they will be able to have options and pursue the career field of their choice.


For the rest of the photos, please check the “photo gallery” section of our page. Asante!

Encouraging kids through music and spoken word poetry

This Saturday (March 17th 2012) we were excited to have Mr. Kennet B Soundland as our KI Guest Speaker. Kennet is a musician, spoken-word artist/poet, and an involved community activist (you can see his full bio on our “guest speakers biographies” page), and he had a very dynamic presentation. He shared several pieces of spoken word poetry, and the kids at Ushirika Primary were very engaged in the presentation! He also encouraged students to work hard in school, make wise decisions, but be willing to pursue their interests in art and other fields. It was a blast to have Kennet with us, thank you so much for your time and inspiration!

For the photos and audio/video clips from the presentation, please visit our “photo gallery” section.

Focus on Journalism

Today(March 3rd 2012) we held a KI session at St. John II Secondary School and were honored to have Ms. Patience Nyenge as our guest speaker!

Patience is a journalist, and has many years of experience in both print and broadcast journalism. She brought a great deal of energy and experience to the presentation, and encouraged students to pursue the career paths for which they held passion and interest. She also noted that where you grow up doesn’t have to define you, and that particularly kids from Kibera have a lot to offer both to Kenya and the rest of the world. In fact, the point was raised that sometimes not many other people know much about the experience of day-to-day life in Kibera, and so it was pointed out that this is one area where students could use their life experiences to help inform others and share details about the “good” things about Kibera. Patience gave a fantastic presentation, and also answered questions about journalism, what it was like to be a female journalist, and what students could do in order to gain experience with reporting or become a journalist.

We were also excited to have Patience’s friend from Norway, Lisa, join us for the presentation! Lisa has spent time in Kenya before and had a fantastic perspective to offer, and we were glad to have her with us for the session. The kids were also excited to meet visitors from another country; overall, it was a great session!

KI at Secondary School!

Today (February 18th 2012) the Kibera Informentors team visited our first secondary school, Mashimoni Quarters Secondary School. We met with form 1-4 students for about an hour or so and introduced the KI program.

In particular, after discussing definitions of leadership and mentorship, we asked all of the students to write down their top 2-3 career choices and hand them in. The responses were incredible and included career fields that we had not heard kids mention much before; while reading the submissions, you could really tell the passion and interest that the students had for their future career choices.  We really look forward to working with this group through Kibera Informentors!

Team meeting

No school visit today (February 111th 2012); instead, we held a team meeting to review the agenda from the first month of Kibera Informentors activities and also discuss plans for upcoming programs.

In particular, we had an opportunity to share our thoughts on key organizational factors, such as group registration, designing the official logo, formalization of the wording for the mission statement and other descriptive articles, as well as the assignment of responsibilities and roles within the team, delegation of upcoming tasks, schedule for school visitings and programs, and other related topics. The meeting went well and members did a great job of communicating and sharing their views – it makes one grateful to have such a strong team, and we look forward to combining our skills and abilities to better serve the surrounding Kibera community