The Dream Project

Mentor Eunice training at Elite Visionary High School ,.

Mentor Eunice training at Elite Visionary High School ,.

Mentor Eunice training at Elite Visionary High School ,.

INTRODUCTION The global recession has made jobs hard to get. The statistics by the government shows that the overall rate of unemployment is 60%, while the youth unemployment rate is 65%. Over the years the Kibera’s population has increased while the space still remains the same causing increasing crowding and leading to unsanitary conditions. Many children have been born and raised in this slum with this limited resources such that they find their lives bleak, because their conditions are not being improved by the government. With education being a major challenge, 80% of the schools are non formal, this means that they are not registered by the government and are owned by individuals, 80% of the teachers are not professionals. Many teachers in Kibera are form four leavers who don’t want to idle at home and therefore opt to go and try their lack in the teaching profession which leads to poor quality education. This in return affects their marks to get into good high schools. In Kenya, an individual has to perform well in their national examinations so as to get into good schools. The poor education background has made many people end up doing odd jobs after school, since, once one performs poorly they cannot get into public universities that are funded by the government, they are forced to enter into private universities that are very expensive, and many people e cannot afford. Many youths are usually very desperate after high school such that they can do anything so that they can earn that little money. This is the point where you find a young and innovative mind being a subject of ridicule by doing odd jobs just to earn a living. The young girls wash clothes for the rich while the young men go out and look for construction work. Since their parents cannot afford to continue taking them to school, they have to fend for themselves. Others start up small business to sustain them, but we found out that they are faced with so many challenges. They complained of lack of knowledge of running the business, others complained that they don’t know the place, people, product and the best price they can sell. We compiled all these complain into lack of knowledge on business. WHAT WE HAVE DONE Many youths in Kibera take a lot of time before they get into college. The major reason is finance. Kibera Informentors foundation has come up with the dream project which is a unique program that fills a big gap, targeting very young adults that are energetic and still in the mood of learning. Kibera Informentors Foundation finds it very important to bring new ideologies into the business market and this can be achieved by the young generation that we intend to bring forth. This is a great opportunity for their dreams to come true as early as possible, and apply what they have learnt in high school. The Dream project provides entrepreneurial skills to youths in schools in Kibera and many other places around Kenya and thereafter open businesses of their own. The Dream Project provides a more practical concept of the mentorship, to students who have recently finished high school and are interested in having knowledge on entrepreneurship and would like to open their own businesses.

VISION, MISSION, GOALS AND OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT VISION To see educated and empowered youths that can open up their own businesses. MISSION • To give youths tangible business skills irrespective of what field they want to enter. • Through workshop training, entrepreneurial concepts will be taught to the youths by professionals. • By the end of three months, students should have skills to start up their own businesses. The best business plans will be chosen and thereafter rewarded with some funds from the organization through sponsor organizations and companies.

OBJECTIVES To dream entrepreneurial, so that it becomes a reality upon training. To train innovative minds so as to start their businesses eventually. Emergence of knowledgeable youths that is able to apply entrepreneurial skills into practice after three months. STRATEGIES/ METHODOLOGY FOR ACHIEVING THE STATED OBJECTIVES. The three months of training will be broken into: 1. 1 Day – The facilitator will do the introduction of the project to the trainees. Outline what is required of them and the reason as to why we have undertaken this particular project with them. The curriculum will be distributed to trainees. 2. 1 ½ months- Theory and practical classes will be done during this time. 3. 1 month- This last part of the month will be time for trainees to write business plans, checkout locations for start up businesses. The facilitator and some of the administrative staff from the organization will also help out. Questions will be asked and trainees will be helped at their point of need. This is the point at which the best shall be identified.

Nelson highlighting the dream project expectations to the young winners

Nelson highlighting the dream project expectations to the young winners

The cycle one dream project winners get advise and highlights from a mentor. this group came to seek clarity on how the implementation of the project.


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