The Red-Card Project



Shibero is a professional counselor and runs an organization that deals with stress management. On this occasion, she gave a special visit to girls of John pauls secondary school to talk on a very important but usually ignored issue.

In Africa, women and girls are among the most vulnerable beings.

There are so many challenges that they undergo. They are the victims of such things as: rape, forced marriage, teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, domestic violence and so many other violations. 60% of these cases are never reported or even said out loud because of embarrassment. They end up being depressed and hatred is created between them and men. When the young girls grow up, it’s very hard for them to cope in their marriages because of the trauma that they may have undergone when young.  This is the reason as to why, the government and other non-governmental organizations are trying to reach individual problems and curb the incidences of the violations.

Girls living in the slums of Kibera are no exception to these heinous acts that women and girls undergo throughout Africa. We felt that it is our social responsibility to help this young generation, empower them through education, so that, they know how to approach related problems.

We have realized that today’s young generation learn a lot from the social media. They do not have real mentors whom they look up to. They have not met up with people that they can interact with. Their parents are too busy for their children, they are too busy at work and do not take time to teach their children about the reality of life.

Most of the schools in the slum areas are mixed,  girls shy off on asking personal questions in the class and outside class. The teachers that are available are not professional in tackling these very issues.


Emergence of knowledgeable girls who know how to tackle day to day problems

An example of characters to emulate in the school area by other students

Emergence of girls with dignity among the community members.


Lack of information about what affects girls is usually ignored and assumed petty. The community tends to think that young adults have all the information that they need but this is wrong. Girls need continuous education about issues that affect them and need to know what is expected of them in the society.


Through training on different topics by mentors(experienced personnel) girls will have an opportunity to listen and learn, then choose the kind of lifestyle that they want to live. We will shed more light to the little information that they already have.


Since our organization largely focuses on education, we pick ten girls that are interested in doing peer education in their various schools. We train them for three months. This helps them to be fully equipped to be peer educators and counselors. During these three months, they are taught the following:

  • Health education
  • Reproduction Health
  • Ways of avoiding early pregnancies
  • Relationships
  • Conflict and conflict resolution
  • Basic counseling skills
  • Intercultural communication
  • Child rights

Professional counselors are brought to do the training. They get to teach the girls during the club days at their schools. At the end of the three months, the girls will come out very rich with knowledge and techniques of approaching different problems. Thus, they will form a club called the ‘Red Card Club’.



The red card is going to act as a STOP sign in a polite manner. The card will be dashed out; when a member of the red card club seeks conversation with an individual whose conduct has not been pleasing in school. This will be an avenue for talk and counseling.


The ten girls will act as the K.I.F eyes and ears. They will represent us in their various schools, submit weekly complains on individual challenges during counseling.

Staff from K.I.F will collect a report of the discussed topic during their weekly meeting. Since it’s a club, they will have a duty to teach other girls on different topics that they had learnt.

Through the weekly reports, we will be able to have a monthly evaluation of what the girls have done, tackle different problems that the girls have written down during our monthly visit.

K.I.F will enhance the learning progress of these girls. This can be achieved by; attending seminars, doing practical community work, interacting with girls that have benefited with such initiatives, termly interschool competitions for members of this club, thereafter awarding the best teams.


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