Adventure Pride Centre

Adventure Pride Center

Location: Kibera,  Kichinjio

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The Adventure Pride Centre was started in 2001 and is located in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. This is a community based initiative started by Kibera residents to provide solutions to some of the impeding problems in the slum.

Currently, Adventure Pride Centre has classes for preschool ages up to form 8. There are 261 students at the school, ten teachers, and two administrators. The founder, George Odhiambo, has a holistic vision for the school, desiring to impact the children and the community around them through education, a safe community environment, and through the Gospel. George’s vision is to encourage these children to find positive outlets through Christ-centered youth activities incorporated into the school day as well as after class. Furthermore, the vision is for the school to impact the community through a faith-centered education which will guide the students long after they leave primary school.

The  adventure Pride centre is also a school that is just behind the D.Os office, a ten minutes walk into the centre. This is a very needy school that needs the support of well wishers. The popu’ation of the students  continues to reduce because of the inadequate resources available. The management has not gotten a place to build a school yet, there is a church that has offered to help them with their space so that students can learn.

The pupils are very passionate with learning, such that even with the small space available, they always come to school.


We have been in this school many times. The first time we were here we visited with the mentors of the group. The participating mentors were Betsy Graves and Gonsag. They talked and introduced the pupils to the program for the first time. The teachers were very positive in the program that we wanted to start. Since the beginning of the year we have brought the following speakers to Adventure pride centre.

Jim Graves,Gonzag and Eunic

1.Jim Graves, an computer technician from the U.S.A, he was a great inspiration to the pupils and enlightened them on the kind of life that is in the other countries is just like that in Kenya, nothing is different its only the opportunities available for the young people in this slums.

Patience works works with BBC Kenya in Nairobi

Patience works works with BBC Kenya in Nairobi

2. Patience Nyange who an award-winning broadcast journalist. In 2008, she was awarded the Nzumari Award for the Best Female Radio Presenter, Coast Region. I have over seven (7) years experience in the media sector.

Has had the privilege of working at Baraka FM in Mombasa and the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). has equally served as Research Assistant (M&E) at Wes &Abbot Consults Ltd,  also served as a journalist at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication (GSJC) in Norway for 18 months.

Has had great expertise in radio production, creative production, radio documentaries and features production. I am also an active blogger ( with extensive experience and interest in Social Media and photography.

holds a BA in Mass Communication (Electronic Media) from Daystar University, Kenya and finally, a graduate studies in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Nairobi.

Specialties Radio production,-news reporting , writing and anchoring, radio presentation, creative production, audio editing, radio documentaries, features production, creative writing and proposal writing. She had a great experience with the pupils in This school.

Wolfagang is the lead economist at world Bank in Nairobi and also the author of "Realizing the Kenyan Dream"

Wolfgang is the lead economist at world Bank in Nairobi and also the author of “Realizing the Kenyan Dream”

3.Wolfgang Fengler, who is the World Bank’s Lead Economist in the Nairobi office of the World Bank where he covers Kenya, Rwanda, and Eritrea.A native German, Wolfgang has been a staff member of the World Bank for 12 years, during which he lived in three continents: First in America working at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington DC, then in Asia as a Senior Economist in the Indonesia office and now in Kenya, which hosts the World Bank’s largest office in Africa. Wolfgang has published extensively including on issues covering structural adjustment, public finance, and the global aid architecture.

In 2010, he co-edited “Delivering Aid Differently”, a Brookings publication together with Homi Kharas. With his Nairobi based team, he also launched the Kenya Economic Update, the World bank’s most circulated publication in Africa. Together with Marcelo Giugale, Wolfgang also hosts the “Economics for Everyone – Development Discourse…” column in Kenya’s Saturday Nation.

Prior to joining the World Bank, he set up Africa Consulting, LLC, and was a Fellow at the Research Institute for International Relations. Wolfgang gained a PhD in political economy from the University of Hamburg (Germany). Wolfgang loves sports and is the “Football commissioner” at the International School of Kenya where he organizes one of the largest kids’ sports events in Kenya of its kind, the “Nairobi Mini World Cup.”

Yousuf Abdulla

4. Yousuf Abdulla is a student pursuing medicine in the University of Liverpool in the U.k. He majorly talked to the students that are passionate of being doctors. He told them of what sectors to concentrate on, especially mathematics.

Norwegian intercultural Student, sharing with the pupils at Adventure  his experience

5. Norwegian Students doing intercultural communications, these were eleven students from Norway who were on a trip to learn more about the culture in Kenya. They had a chance to interact with the pupils in this school, both upper and lower primary schools. Some of the activities that they did was to mentor the older pupils, and singing and interacting with the other younger ones and getting to know the culture in Kenya.


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